iPhone13 may have to cancel the accessories again, things may not be so simple!

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Looking back on 2020, the most impressive thing about Apple is that the iPhone 12 series does not come with chargers and earphones. Although Apple is called "environmental protection", from the consumer's point of view, "the things that have been given before, Dont give it now", it will definitely make some consumers feel uncomprehending and unhappy, and the cancellation of the bonus charging head is a precedent in the mobile phone industry, and it will soon be followed up by other manufacturers, which will make consumption People feel even more upset.
Not only that. Recently, multiple sources reported that Apple sent a questionnaire to some iPhone 12 Pro Max users, asking them whether they have used the SIM card ejector pin, iPhone welcome guide, USB Transfer all kinds of small objects such as lightning pd data cable and Apple stickers. Many netizens infer: Apple is already considering how to remove other accessories from the iPhone 13, "Because Apple conducted a consumer survey before canceling the charging head, so when it conducts this type of survey again, it will inevitably mean that it will continue to cancel something. ".
At first glance, this kind of reasoning process seems reasonable, but if we think about it carefully, we will find that there are at least two loopholes in this kind of reasoning.
1. Compared with the original 5V1A charging head of the iPhone, the USB-to-Lighting charging/data cable is much more practical for most people.
2. Comparing to long-life charging heads, things like USB data cables and card pins are really "consumables" in the literal sense. They may be broken, cracked, poor contact, or even lost during use at any time, and need to be replaced frequently.
Of course, as the saying goes, everything is possible. I think a more reliable inference is that Apple is preparing for its own high-end wireless products, because Apple has continued to develop wireless charging in recent years, and the subject of this market survey is only iPhone 12 Pro Max users, these users are more wealthy and are more willing to pay for higher-end charging heads and charging cables. Therefore, if Apple does not include data cables and card pins in the box, it may only be It will happen on the most high-end all-wireless iPhone model in 2021. For other models, there is no need to worry at all.

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