The fast charging era is coming! Do you understand 120W super flash charging?

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Speaking of fast charging, the first reaction in everyone's mind may be "charge for 5 minutes, talk for two hours". This brainwashed sentence has also become "charge for 5 minutes, play for two hours" with the upgrade of OPPO's flash charging technology. Recently, OPPO's new generation of super flash charging conference was held online, bringing you 125W super flash charging and refreshing the record of mobile phone fast charging. The 125W super flash charging can fully charge the equivalent 4000mAh battery in as little as 13 minutes. It can be said that charging for 5 minutes and two hours of playing the show can be done.
In fact, in addition to OPPO, domestic manufacturers began to get together as early as 2019 to launch fast charging solutions of 100W and above. At MWC in 2019, vivo demonstrated 120W charging technology. The 4000mAh battery can be charged to 100 in 13 minutes. %.
Another domestic manufacturer, Xiaomi, has also confirmed that the 120W fast-charging charger has been connected to the network. Previously, Xiaomi claimed that a charging speed of 100W can fully charge a 4000mAh battery in 17 minutes.
iQOO officially released the 120W fast charging technology. In addition to the use of brand new dual 6C batteries, it brings stronger current passing capacity;
In addition, dual charge pump technology has been introduced to reduce the heating of the cells. The technology may be seen with consumers in August
Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo 100W fast charge have been released one after another, which means that the country is about to officially enter the era of "big fast charge". Entering the era of full blood resurrection in 20 minutes, it means that the pain points of users regarding battery life have been explored by manufacturers. Resolved. But in order to realize fast charging, the mobile phone needs to be charged with corresponding charging accessories to get a higher charging experience. At present, the charging terminal basically uses Type-C interface output. If we consider versatility, we can choose a 100W CTC charging cable on the market. In addition to mobile phones, it can also charge other devices such as tablets, so you can go anywhere with one in your hand.

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