Basic knowledge of data cable

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The data cable is used to connect mobile devices and computers to achieve the purpose of data transmission or communication. In layman's terms, it is a channel tool that connects computers and mobile devices to transfer files such as videos, ringtones, and pictures.
Now, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, data lines have become an indispensable part of our lives.
According to the interface type classification
COM port and USB port
1. The COM interface is also called the serial port, which is connected to the back of the desktop computer and is currently being eliminated. The advantage is that the price is low, and it supports flashing (some mobile phones can only use the serial cable to flash the machine); the disadvantage is that it is extremely inconvenient to remove and pull, does not support laptops, and the transmission speed is relatively slow.
2. The USB interface is the mainstream. The advantage is that it is convenient, fast and stable, and supports all types of computers; the disadvantage is that the price of IC (central control chip) is slightly higher, and some data lines do not support the function of flashing.
Function classification
Internet line; brushing line; synchronization line; charging line; multi-function line.
1. Internet line: It can only be used for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet access. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series; PHS series.
2. flashing line: can only be used to upgrade flashing. Typical model: BenQ S700; upgrade to unlock first-line communication.
3. Synchronization line: used to transmit phone book; picture ringtones; short messages; multimedia data, etc. Of course, some are two-way transmission, and some only support one-way transmission. This type of data line is more common.
4. Charging cable: Generally, it is an Internet cable or a synchronization cable plus a USB charging function, which is more practical and convenient. It is a necessary function for Internet and group text messaging. It can also be subdivided into two types: with charging and with charging switch. The former is charged as soon as it is plugged in, and the latter has a small switch that can control whether to charge. Of course, the grade with a charging switch is the highest, and the price is more expensive. Recommended types: CDMA Internet access series; Siemens 3508 series.
5. Multi-function cable: supports 2 or more functions such as Internet access, synchronization, flashing, and charging at the same time. The newly-listed Samsung cable is also equipped with dual interfaces, USB synchronous Internet access; serial flashing.
Reminder: When everyone buys a data cable, the more functions the better, the more expensive it is. This is equivalent to one-line multi-use
Generally, there are few dedicated data lines. The common phenomenon is that one data line can be used for multiple mobile phone models. Some data lines are exaggerated. One line can use 30-40 different types of mobile phones.
A common problem encountered by data line vendors is that customers report that the data line cannot be used. If you are sure that the delivery is correct, most of the customers will not use the data line. First, check whether the software in the CD supports the customer's mobile phone model. If it does not support, you can go to the Internet to download a corresponding software, so that the general problem is solved. The key point: the data line is universal, the software is not universal. There is no particularly good way, after all, there are too many cell phone models.

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