What is an OTG cable? Now you know what it is

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When using mobile phones, many users often see a function named "OTG", but find that the prerequisite to use this function is to equip an "OTG" cable, but do not know what it is, this article will talk about this matter. What is an OTG cable? To put it simply, it is a kind of cable, whose function is basically the same as the most common mobile phone charging cable. It can also be understood as a kind of "USB cable", but different from the traditional cable, it is specially developed for mobile devices to provide data interaction. The cable that provides transmission medium for devices is OTG cable.01.jpegCommon TYPES of OTG cables When it comes to the types of OTG cables, we have to mention the OTG function. OTG function is provided by the "World USB Standardization Organization". Although it is an emerging technology, it can also be understood as a standard. The first type is to support android mobile phone "Micro 5PIN OTG" OTG interface; The second is the Mini 5PIN OTG port for Android tablets. The third type is the dedicated Lightning OTG port that supports Apple phones. In addition, there are Samsung Micro USB3.0 OTG interface, Type C OTG interface.02.jpegHow to use it? The way to use it is basically the same as the way to use USB cable connection. Take the mobile phone and USB flash drive as an example, first turn on the OTG function of the mobile phone (IQOO Z3, click Settings, other networks and Connections, turn on the OTG function switch). The diagram below: After the "OTG" function is enabled, plug the OTG cable supporting the "Type-C" interface into the tail of the mobile phone. The diagram below:03.jpegThen plug the other end into the device you want to connect (USB device), such as USB flash drive, camera, camcorder, etc.

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