Pick an HDMI cable, 6 things you need to know!

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In the era of high-speed development of science and technology network, everyone loves watching high resolution TV programs and HIGH-DEFINITION TV, and HDMI HD cable is essential in the use process. However, when buying HDMI HD cables, many people do not care about the impact of an HDMI HD cable on TV picture quality. In fact, there are many places we need to pay attention to when buying HDMI HD cables. Today let's take a look at the purchase of HDMI HD cable needs to pay attention to what details?


1. Determine the HDMI cable version

Currently, the most common HDMI cable versions are HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.1. You are advised to purchase HDMI 2.0 cables, which provide higher bandwidth, resolution, refresh rate, and color depth. HDMI 2.1, the highest version, can support 8K, if you have higher audio quality requirements, you can choose 8K, provided that your interface supports HDMI 2.1 and the device supports 8K.

2. Determine the quality of the HDMI cable

It is recommended that you choose HDMI cable, the best choice of cable body thick HDMI cable, do not choose cable material is too thin; HDMI cable process must be realistic and not cut corners. In addition, it is best to choose HDMI cable with copper core or optical fiber core and gold-plated interface, which can better ensure the transmission efficiency of the signal and high-definition smoothness of the picture quality!

3. Determine the HDMI cable material

Currently, HDMI cables have copper cores and fiber cores. HDMI cable using optical fiber core has low loss and fast transmission, which is suitable for long-distance transmission. If the transmission distance is less than 5 meters, choose copper core HDMI cable and fiber core HDMI cable difference is not big, short distance is best with copper core HDMI cable, if the transmission distance is more than 5 meters, it is recommended to use optical fiber HDMI cable or high-quality copper core HDMI cable, if the transmission distance is more than 20 meters, will use optical fiber HDMI cable.

4. Determine the port of the HDMI cable

Tips: THE color gloss of the HDMI cable interface can be seen from the thickness of the gold-plated, good quality HDMI cable interface, mostly using zinc alloy + gold-plated process design, good contact; If the color of the interface is thicker, then the interface is thicker, the signal transmission is more stable and faster, and the picture quality is higher. The whole gold-plated interface is smooth and bright, without burrs or defects; Rust can also be avoided, and the service life is longer. And inferior HDMI cable will appear dull. HDMI cable interface plays a very important role in signal stable transmission.

5. Determine the HDMI cable length

In theory, the transmission distance of an HDMI cable is 10-15 meters, but in practice, it does not need to be that long. Measure the required length before purchase, and reserve the measurement results at both ends of 50 cm is more appropriate. Tips: If it is to decorate embedded HDMI cables, it is best to embedded two HDMI cables, one is copper cable, the other is optical fiber HDMI cable. You can use fiber optic HDMI cables to watch high-quality movies, TV shows or play games. If the fiber HDMI cable is faulty, the copper cable can be replaced.

6. Determine the cable material of the HDMI cable

HDMI cable cable material we can use the naked eye to distinguish, can also be combined with our hand to judge. A good HDMI cable will have a metal woven mesh, which is used to protect the core of the HDMI cable, and has strong anti-interference performance, and will be more wear-resistant and pressure-resistant in use. If the cable is made of optical fiber, it is usually soft and flexible, and can guarantee stable transmission performance.

Finally, if you do not know what cable material to choose, directly choose it in the website, copper cable, optical fiber HDMI cable, optical fiber HDMI cable supports the longest 300m, the length can also be customized. They also have e-sports DP cable, fever audio cable, you choose!

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