What is Type-c HUB

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  HUB, also known as port replicator, is an external device designed for notebook computers. Now LET me give you a detailed description of the docking station.
01.png1. Docking is simply an adapter with multiple interfaces, but the word "docking" is a bit confusing. It is a convenient one-stop connection between laptop and multiple accessories or external devices by copying or even expanding the port of notebook computer. The same brand of notebook computer, usually can be universal port replicator.

2. There are two important types of HUBs, one is bus HUB and the other is mini HUB. Bus docking can provide more functional bus expansion, such as PCI and PCIe bus expansion, so that notebook users can also use PCI and PCIe devices. Greatly facilitates industrial mobile computing users, especially in the field of measurement and control instruments; The mini docking station is a kind of common docking station.

3. Here we focus on the functions of the common mini docking station. The biggest advantage of the mini docking station is port expansion. These numerous ports allow the laptop to connect to more peripherals at once, boosting the performance of the entire laptop and helping increase productivity. Of course, mini docking has anti-theft, easy to plug and unplug cable, heat dissipation, health protection of hands and other functions here are not described.

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