USB Type-C Emarker chip usage principles

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USB Type-C active cable packaged with E-Marker chip can support fast charging, and its DFP and UFP can read the attributes of the cable by PD protocol: Power transmission capacity, data transmission capacity, ID and other information, all full-function Type-C cables should be packaged with E-marker. In recent two years, with the rapid popularization of PD fast charging, USB Type-C e-mark chip market has been rapidly expanded (in daily operation, We will require e-mark chip for current cables above 3A). Brief description of the relationship between Type-c and fast charge

Type-c Emarker chip application scenario


Equipment with PD must use CC Logic chips and ear Marked Cable: USB Type-C active cable encapsulated with E-Marker chip ", "Full-function Type-C cable encapsulated with E-Marke" and other information, the actual careful reading can be seen that the so-called CC logic chip and e-mark chip are different,CC logic chip is aimed at the device end; The E-mark is for cables, and the spec says quite often that "Marked Cable" is essentially what we call the E-Mark chip. E-mark chip technology automatically identifies the voltage and current required for electronic products.

First rule of e-MARK use: If you want to provide more than 5V voltage through USB Type-C, or more than 3A current, you must need type-C chip to implement USB PD protocol.

Use e-MARK Second rule: If your device uses 5V voltage and does not exceed 3A current. It depends on the power supply and data transmission characteristics of the device itself. If the device itself only supplies power externally or receives power from the other party, and the power supply role and data transmission role are matched by default (HOST as the power supplier, Slave or Device as the power supplier), you do not need the Type-C chip.

The third principle of using E-mark: These two principles are used to judge whether type-C chip is needed on the equipment, and whether E-Marker chip is needed on the C-C transmission line that attracts much attention. This criterion is whether the current will exceed 3A in the process of use. 2. If so, how could you use LDR6013, A Charging point and A data point? Avoid the problem of certain adapters that don't adhere to the Battery Charging protocol failing to charge Apple devices.


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