Type-c to HDMI cable, let's learn about its clever use!

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Type-c to HDMI cable, let's learn about its clever use!


A function is better


Type-c to HDMI cable supports mobile phones with the same screen TV, plug and play, large screen games more; Support laptop connected to projector, clear presentation of speeches, increase customer satisfaction; Support flat screen TV big screen, the living room seconds into a home theater, a big screen to share the wonderful story. IPad Pro can also expand the large screen. Early education can bring clearer and intuitive experience through large screen viewing, so that children can learn more new knowledge quickly.


In addition, it also supports two modes of switching: in the same screen mode, the large screen is more enjoyable; In the expanded mode, supports split screen operation, so that you can surf the Internet on a small screen and watch movies on a large screen without delay; Wide practicability, fully let you easily play big screen.


2 Good audio-visual effect


Typc-c to HDMI cable supports 3840*2160 (4K HD) @60HZ resolution, can restore true color, so you can present a more natural and clear picture quality, especially audio and video synchronous transmission advantages, presenting the cinema grade audio and video effects will definitely bring you surprises.

It is also equipped with PS176+CH7231 dual core chip, the powerful chip can ensure that the picture quality is clear and stable, no lag, no flash screen; There are also the use of multi-layer shielding technology, which can effectively avoid electromagnetic interference, ensure the stable transmission of signals, so that you experience a smoother and clearer picture quality.

3 Strong Compatibility

Wide compatibility is also a big plus. Suitable for Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo, HP and other computer series, Huawei Mate20, P20, Samsung S8, Samsung S9 and other series of mobile phones or Huawei, Samsung some series of tablets, wider compatibility so that it can be used more comprehensively in our daily work and life.

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