Super! Optical fiber USB3.1 Type C cable video function to achieve DP1.2 protocol transmission of 4K60 over 50 meters

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Optical fiber USB Type C cable audio and video version adopts dual-head Type-C male to male data line, built-in imported American laser and German driver chip, can transmit ultra clear 4K@60Hz video signal to USB3.1GEN2 / Thunder 3/ Thunder 4/USB4 standard equipment. This new optical FIBER USB Type C cable fully supports smart phones and laptops equipped with DP ALT MODE protocol to connect to monitors with Type-C interface, supports 4K high-definition picture quality display, audio and video synchronous transmission function, and can effectively restore clear details. The longest transmission distance of one screen can reach 50 meters.


Optical fiber USB Type C video cable 4K@60Hz

Fully conforms to DP1.2 video standard protocol and supports 21Gbps transmission bandwidth

Adopt imported American laser + Silicon Line driver chip from Germany

Om30,000MB pure optical fiber + copper core wire as the transmission main body, built-in photoelectric conversion engine

Kevlar fiber (bullet-proof wire) is used to enhance the characteristics of optical cable, and it is strong, tough and resistant to pulling

Support up to 50 meters long distance transmission (longer cable can be customized for single feature equipment)

Support plug and play, no additional power supply

Special optical fiber wire body, diameter is only 4.8mm, more convenient installation and wiring

Excellent anti-radiation and anti-interference ability, perfect solution to EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference) problems, lossless signal transmission

Supports all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux

After cross-testing by laboratories and various brands and models of equipment, it fully supports USB standard equipment

Widely used in industrial camera, medical equipment system, security monitoring, conference engineering, broadcast system, audio equipment, touch screen, web camera and so on




Different from ordinary copper wire, optical FIBER USB Type C audio and video transmission line adopts optical copper composite cable for signal transmission. Built-in photoelectric conversion engine, can realize signal lossless transmission; At the same time, due to the use of optical fiber for high-frequency signal transmission, almost completely solve the electromagnetic radiation and interference problems. Finally, optical FIBER USB Type C audio and video cable solves the end plate of copper wire 2 meters limit transmission 4K@60Hz, and raises the distance of lossy transmission 4K@60Hz signal to 50 meters, which can be widely used in home decoration, large screen expansion, engineering matrix, medical system and other environments.


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